Dubai Fitness Challenge 30x30 #Dubai30x30

For most of the world the New Year represents the inspiration and motivation to create the new and improved version of you. As the clock strikes midnight and January 1st begins the resolutions start to form in the mind. Usually top of the list are those relating to improving your fitness, health & well-being. “This year I’m going to…. Fill in the blank”

With such forward thinking leadership and a reputation of creating bigger and better EVERYTHING, it’s no wonder that Dubai has even improved the global New Year, New You, New Year’s resolution with the launch of the largest global fitness challenge, namely the Dubai Fitness Challenge also known by many as the #Dubai30x30. Last year the challenge saw 2.2 million participants and a host of awe inspiring events.

What will the 7th Edition of DFC in 2023 reveal???

Set for October 28th, 2023 the 30-Day fitness challenge will once again call on the city to collect their 30 minutes of activity for 30 days to contribute to the goal of creating the most active, fit and healthy city on the face of the planet. Undoubtedly, both government & private sectors along with healthcare, education and tourism industries will be rallied to promote registration and participation by all employees.

A city wide marketing campaign will have street lamps, billboards and media outlets pepper the DFC #Dubai30x30 brand. Dubai residents and tourists will have 30x30 on their minds, but the real question is… How will you get involved?

Core Direction, as a company that has supported the #Dubai30x30 over the past 6 years, has mapped out your Dubai Fitness Challenge journey so you can get the most out of this life changing city-wide activation for both yourself and your network.

Join a Public Leaderboard

While Dubai Fitness Challenge has historically had a very popular public challenge and leaderboard, the 2022 edition did not provide this as an option for DFC participants. Dubai Fitness Challenge has some competitive elements like races and sporting competitions but in 2023 they have once again left the tracking of your 30x30, gamification and link to a public challenge and leaderboard to fitness, health & wellness technology innovators like Core Direction.

As a market leader and innovator of gamified wellness technology with a dedicated corporate wellness solution which includes challenges and leaderboards, Core Direction has created the most holistic and inclusive DFC 2023 Challenge to inspire your 30 minutes of daily activity. The best part… For the public it’s totally free of charge!

With inclusivity as a focus, Core Direction provides 5 point scoring methods providing the ability for everyone to participate on an even “playing field” regardless of age, gender, activity level or interest type.

Here is a breakdown of how you can climb Core Direction’s DFC 2023 Challenge Leaderboard:

Join the DFC 2023 Challenge and Leaderboard here and compete with thousands of like minded people striving for a fitter, healthier & happier life.

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Get your Company Registered

On a mission to inspire global fitness, health & happiness, Core Direction has partnered with hundreds of companies to deliver holistic and inclusive, life changing corporate wellness programmes. In 2022, global aviation leader and iconic Dubai brand Emirates Airlines utilised Core Direction’s challenge and leaderboard technology with more than 9,000 Emirates employees sweating to not only collect their 30 minutes of activity but also being rewarded with a flight home for those who achieve the target 30x30. Needless to say, the campaign was a roaring success. As part of this year's Dubai Fitness Challenge, Core Direction offers companies big and small, 3 options to motivate and inspire their employees to participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Free Option: DFC Public Challenge

Invite your employees, friends and family to join the free and public listed DFC 2023 Challenge.

Basic Option: Private Challenge Only

A dedicated and private DFC 2023 Challenge for your company and employees/colleagues.

Full Option: DFC Corporate Wellness Package

A complete 30-Day corporate wellness programme inclusive of a #Dubai30x30 specific communications plan, 30-Day Challenge & Leaderboard along with access to countrywide Deals and Offers available online & onsite across hundreds of Retail, F&B, Hospitality, Health & Fitness partners valued a more than 10,000Dhs per employee.

Offer includes:

  • Free Classes & Access Passes
  • Free Court Bookings
  • Discounted Products & Services
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free Offers
  • Buy X & Get Y for Free

Create a DFC Schedule

Every year, Dubai Fitness Challenge pushes the boundaries of community driven sport & fitness events. A Sheikh Zayed Road shutdown now credits Dubai Run as the world's largest fun-run hosting 220,000 runners and Dubai Ride boasts 40,000 cyclists who roll down and around the cities busiest highway. Fitness Villages that dwarf mega fitness clubs seem to pop up overnight offering thousands of free classes and activities. Community run fitness zones pepper the city with DFC 2022 hosting 19 Fitness Hubs. Local and international celebrities including the campaigns creator HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum pop-up unannounced and in force in support of all events.

While all these events are incredibly impressive, it remains to be seen what final itinerary will unfold in 2023. What is now confirmed is the return of the Kite Beach Fitness Village, a returning Al Khawaneej Fitness Village, Dubai Ride, Dubai Run and many community run Fitness Hubs. Word on the street is that a few new initiatives are set to take the DFC reputation of inspiring movement to a whole new level. We’ll include details here once confirmed and announced.

Taking full advantage of DFC events, Core Direction’s integrated booking engine allows you to cherry pick the events you’re eager to promote to your employees and to list them on your private corporate wellness portal for immediate booking by your employees. Essentially, you can leverage Core Direction’s event management technology to create a team building calendar with hundreds of world-class events at ZERO cost. Create & schedule private, free or paid, physical or virtual activities that your employees can view, book and participate in. Monitor Employee attendance with our “Check-in” application and award participants with extra points when they join.

Share the Inspiration

We invite you to be a part of our inspiring movement. A movement where you become the inspiration you once looked for in others.

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