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Core Direction

Introducing Core Direction Challenges and Leaderboards.

Dubai Fitness Challenge 2022 was an exciting event for Core Direction, as it marked the launch of their Challenges and Leaderboards feature. Over 8000 users, including employees from Emirates & flydubai airlines, DNATA, and existing Core Direction users, joined the leaderboard and participated in the challenge, which saw users earn points from five different fitness-inspired scoring metrics.

During the month-long challenge, users clocked up over 87 million steps and over 100,000 Active Heart Rate Minutes, demonstrating their commitment to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. The gamification element introduced through Core Direction Challenges is the final piece of the puzzle in providing a holistic wellness platform that inspires the fitness, health, and happiness of its users.

One of the key features of Core Direction Challenges is the ability for users to earn points through any of the five methods available: Steps, Active Heart Rate, Activity Log, Activity Booking, and On-Demand Video. By using the platform to track their fitness activities, users can earn points and climb up the leaderboard, competing against other users for the top spot.

To further incentivize users, Core Direction rewards and incentivizes them beyond the intrinsic value of earning daily points and climbing the leaderboard. Users who earn 150 points or above during the month's challenge are eligible to enter a prize draw, with prizes from brand partners on offer.

Here is a summary of how users can earn points:

  • Activity log: Users can keep a diary of their weekly activities and invite friends to join in on fitness activities they create themselves. For creating an activity, users get three points, and for inviting a friend to join, they get four points.
  • Steps: For every 1000 steps a user takes, they are awarded one step point.
  • Active heart rate points: Users can get points towards the online leaderboard by getting their heart pumping into its "Active Zone". The algorithm takes into account factors such as age, gender, and resting heart rate. For every three minutes of Active Heart Rate, users are awarded one Heart Rate point.
  • Booking points: Core Direction's booking system is built inside the platform, allowing users to book free and paid fitness classes. Users who book activities through the Core Direction platform earn seven points for booking an activity and a further three points once they are checked into the activity by facility management.
  • On-demand video: The Core Direction On-Demand Video platform is a specially curated list of wellness content. Users can browse through the content and earn three points for watching an On-Demand Video.

Core Direction Challenges are designed to push engagement and encourage people to earn their 10 points each day to keep active and live a happy, healthy lifestyle. With the gamification element of Challenges and Leaderboards, users have an added incentive to maintain their fitness activities and earn points towards their personal and collective goals.

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