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Core Direction Platform User Guides

Welcome to the Core Direction Platform user guides! Whether you're a new user looking to get started or a seasoned pro seeking advanced tips, our user guides are here to help you make the most of your experience.

If you're looking for a quick overview of the entire Core Direction Platform, check out our Onboarding Guide below.

Download the Core Direction App

Downloading the Core Direction app will allow you to start collecting Step points from your phone and give you access to some other in-app features.

Connect a Wearable device

Connect a wearable for the most #Inspiring experience, you'll be able to start earning HR points and accurately track your daily activity

How To Score Core PointsHow To Score Core Points

Maximum 10 points per day.

Log your own workout or activity in your calendar & invite your friends to earn Core Points!

Your created activity can be public, private or only for you and there are over 50 different activity types to choose from.

Created activities will be added to your calendar so you can keep a workout diary and public/private activities will be shown on your profile to friends!

Click the 'Add Activity' button in the Core Direction App to create your activity

Add Activity

Maximum 7 points per day.

Log your own workout or activity in your calendar & invite your friends to earn Core Points!

Your created activity can be public, private or only for you and there are over 50 different activity types to choose from.

Created activities will be added to your calendar so you can keep a workout diary and public/private activities will be shown on your profile to friends!

Click the 'Add Activity' button in the Core Direction App to create your activity

Create an activity & add to your calendar = 4 Core Points

Share with a friend who accepts the invite = +3 Core Points

+7 Accept a friends activity invite

Book Activity

Maximum 10 points per day.

When you book an activity through the Core Direction platform, you earn Core Points. You can browse our classes & activities on my.coredirection.

Book a class or activity and check in with your unique QR code when you arrive to earn the Maximum 10 points for the day!

Book an Activity = 7 Core Points

Check-In to the Activity = +3 Core Points


Maximum 10 points per day.

Earn points for every step you take! Connect your Phone or Wearable to the Core Direction app and begin earning points for your steps. Once you have allowed our app permissions in your phone, open up the Core Direction app to refresh your step count. For every 1000 steps, you’ll earn 1 Core Point.

1000 Steps = 1 Core Point

10,000 Steps = 10 Core Points

Heart Rate

Maximum 10 points per day.

Get your heart pumping and start earning points! Connect your fitness tracker to our app and we will reward you with points when your heart rate reaches your Core Target HR!

Connect your wearable device to the Core Direction app and it will calculate your target heart rate using our unique algorithm.

You will earn 1 point for every 3 minutes your heart rate is above your target heart rate.

3 Active Heart Rate Minutes = 1 Core Point

30 Active Heart Rate Minutes = 10 Core Points

Click here to learn more about Active Heart Rate Points


Maximum 3 points per day.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t end with just moving your body… It’s also about educating the mind.

Watch some of our on demand content to earn Core Points. Choose from many different categories spanning healthy eating, meditation and mindset.

You can also take part in some at home workouts with the Dubai Fitness Challenge workout library.

Watch one video = 3 Core Points


The #inspiringmovement starts with you!

Join Core Direction Challenges and compete with the community for pride of place at the top of the leaderboard. Some challenges also have some incredible prizes up for grabs!

Each day of the challenge you can earn up to 10 Core Points, you can earn points through any of the 5 point scoring methods but your highest points for the day will be credited to your score.

Find out more information about challenges and their prizes by clicking on the Challenge Info page.

Default Challenges

Some challenges, like our Yearly and Monthly Challenges are open and free and all Core Direction users are added to the challenge by default. This means you’ll never miss a challenge start date!

You can always leave a challenge by clicking the "Leave Challenge button"

Your CalendarYour Calendar

Your calendar is where you can view and manage all your scheduled activities. Your calendar will show:

  • Created Activities
  • Invited/Joined Activities
  • Booked activities.

Clicking on the activity on your calendar will open a popup with more information about that activity.

Your account privacy settings and the privacy settings you choose for your created/joined activity will determine who can see your activity on your calendar.

Find & Add FriendsFind & Add Friends

Add friends functionality is coming to the Core Direction mobile app very soon.

For now you can find and add friends through the web version of the app.

Click the link below to start searching and following friends!


Your Core Points ScoreYour Core Points Score

Your Core Points is shown on the community section of the web app or the frontpage of the mobile app.

It shows your all-time Core Point score.

Each day you can collect up to 10 Core Points from any of the 5 Core Points scoring methods. Whichever method earnt you the most points the day will be added to your daily Core Points tally.

To see a breakdown of your daily Core Points score you can head to the current year challenge your part of

Healthy Habits/Drink/BreatheHealthy Habits/Drink/Breathe

Keep track of some daily healthy habits using the Core Direction app.


Did you get 7 hours sleep last night?

Track your sleep streak and see how many nights you can get the recommended 7 hours of sleep.


Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day or around 3 liters per day is recommended by most industry professionals, keep track of your daily water intake with our drink steaks!


Need to relax and de-stress?

Controlled breathing helps to reduce stress & anxiety and lowers the cortisol in your blood to improve your mood.

Choose between Box Breathing & Resonance Breathing, then choose how long you want to do it for and your soundtrack!

For best results practice daily and try to increase the amount of time you practice for.

Booking a Class or ActivityBooking a Class or Activity

Everything you need to know about booking an activity on the Core Direction Platform.

Finding an Inspiring Activity

There are multiple ways to search for an activity, you can search by an activity location or search for a specific activity.

Location listing

Head the the location listing tab to search through business locations on Core Direction. This page will show you all the different fitness businesses and entities on the platform and allow you to enter their profile to see all the classes, groups & challenges they have on offer.

Activity listing

The activity listing tab shows all the activities on any given day as a default, but it also includes an advanced search feature where you can specify which activity type you’re looking for, for example yoga. You can also filter to find any free classes on the platform.

Location map

You can also search what’s available on our platform through the location map, this will show you all the business location on

Booking a class

To book a class click on the "book now" button under the activity, if the activity is not free, you will need to purchase a package. On the next screen you will have the option to view all the available packages you can buy.

Some packages have more than once use associated with them for example, a package may allow you to access the activity once or multiple times.

Once you have chosen your package you can continue to to enter your card details and complete the booking.

You will receive an email once you have purchased the package and booked the class to confirm your booking,

The email will also contain your QR code for checking into the activity at the venue.

Your Unique QR Code

Your QR is unique to you as a user. You can use the QR to check into an activity. Simply open it up and let the Check-In staff scan your code. Once your code is scanned you will be awarded the Core Points for a facility Check-in. Your QR Code can be found at the top of the screen on the App or Web browser. You will also be sent your QR with your booking confirmation email.

My Calendar

The My calendar section gives you an overview of all your booked activities. The calendar grid can show you either this months or this week's activities at glance and you can click on any specific activity for more information.

Further to this you will see a list of the following:

Your activities - These are activities that you have created using the add activity feature, or friends activities that you have joined.

Upcoming Bookings - These are upcoming sessions that you have booked, provided by one of our activity partners.

Booking history - Is a list of all your completed activities and their check-in status. Eg Checked-in, No show or expired.

My Wallet

My Wallet section manages all your transactions through the Core Direction platform. Navigate through the 3 tabs to see the following:

Packages & Membership - Here you will see all of the packages you have purchased and their status. You can see whether your package is active or expired and how many sessions remain on this package.

Booking History - Is a list of all your completed activities and their check-in status. Eg Checked-in, No show or expired.

Card Details - This will show you which payment methods you have saved on the Core Direction system.

Cancel a class

If you cancel a class 18 hours before the activity starts your package will be credited back to you account for you to use again. However cancelling the class within 18 hours of the start time will result in your losing your package.

To cancel your booking, head to your Core Direction Wallet and find the activity you want to cancel. Once you click cancel you will notice the booking is removed from your calender and the package be credited back to your account.


There are 3 types of groups on the Core Direction platform. You are added to groups by default depending on some actions but you can also join and leave groups as you like. Groups are designed so you can find like minded people with similar interests.

Interest Type Groups - You will be put into these groups automatically depending on your selected interests when you created a profile. You can update these interests in the update profile section.

Business group types - Each business profile on the Core Direction platform will have default groups, when you book a class at that profile you will be automatically added to the profiles default group.

Corporate groups - If you are part of a wellness programme, you will also be part of a corporate group associated to that wellness programme.

My InterestsMy Interests

When you create your Core Direction profile, you will have the opportunity to select your activity interests.

This helps us serve you the correct content on the platform, but also automatically adds you to those activity groups. Through the groups you will be able to network and meet like minded people who have the same activity interests as you.

We may also send you emails about events or activities you may be interested in depending on your selections.

You can update or change your interests at any time, simply head to the edit profile page and select the edit community profile button.

Update profileUpdate profile

To update your profile head to your profile section.

Here you can edit your user details, if you'd like to edit your community details click on the Edit Community Profile button.

Be sure to click the Update Profile button once you have made changes to make sure they are changed.