SQUATWOLF GAMES: 8th Birthday Celebration

On the 18th of May 2024, we curated and delivered SQUATWOLF's 8th birthday in grand style with the incredible SQUATWOLF GAMES. This first-of-its-kind event was held at the stunning Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, JBR, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The day was a true testament to the homegrown spirit and unyielding power of the pack that has grown with the brand over the past eight years.

Core Direction's Role in the SQUATWOLF GAMES

At Core Direction, we were thrilled to play a pivotal role in the unforgettable SQUATWOLF GAMES celebrating SQUATWOLF's 8th birthday. Our community-driven technology platform ensured smooth registration and check-in for the event, keeping all attendees informed and excited through timely communications and reminders. Our platform is designed to enhance community engagement and build excitement for any event, driving participation and connection.

Post-event, our platform provided detailed data and statistics on the wolf packs and their participation, offering valuable insights that enriched the overall experience. Beyond technology, the Core Direction team curated and delivered this remarkable event, leveraging our expertise in event management and community building to make the SQUATWOLF GAMES a spectacular success.


SQUATWOLF is a leading fitness brand known for its high-quality activewear and commitment to empowering individuals through fitness. Their journey over the past eight years has been fueled by a passionate community that embodies the strength and unity of a wolf pack.

The Ultimate Pack Battle

The SQUATWOLF GAMES brought together 32 packs, each consisting of 8 wolves, to compete in a thrilling series of challenges that tested their strength, speed, endurance, and creativity. Designed for everyday and intermediate fitness levels, these challenges allowed everyone to showcase their abilities. The competition was fierce, with each pack vying for the grand prize: an 8-month supply of premium SQUATWOLF gear.

Supporting Collaboration

Supporting collaboration with on-ground support from Fueled Up by KCal, Life Within & One Shot, the prize for the winning pack included 8 months' worth of SQUATWOLF apparel as well as AED 16,000 worth of meal plans through Fueled Up by KCal.

The Challenges

Pack Cardio: Rowing Challenge

Packs raced to complete 2,000 meters on a rowing machine in the fastest time. Each member rowed once, and the pack with the quickest overall time emerged victorious.


Pack Creation: Group T-Shirt Design

Creativity was on full display as each pack designed a unique SQUATWOLF 8th Birthday T-shirt using provided paints and a white T-shirt. The designs were a vibrant representation of each pack's spirit and unity.

Pack Mentality: Squat Hold Challenge

Endurance and mental toughness were key as packs competed to hold a squat position the longest. The determination and grit displayed were truly inspiring.

Pack Play: Giant Jenga Challenge

Strategy and steadiness were crucial as packs built the tallest Jenga towers possible within a 15-minute time limit. The excitement was palpable as towers grew higher and higher.

Pack Endurance: Metcon Group WOD

Packs took on a CrossFit-style workout using a 4-station rig. Each team member completed 8 repetitions of 8 exercises, working in pairs with only one pair active at a time. The teamwork and coordination were impressive to watch.

Pack Support: Human Tower Challenge

The creativity and camaraderie of each pack were highlighted as they built human towers and pyramids. The resulting structures were both awe-inspiring and a testament to the pack's cohesion.

Pack Strength: Deadlift Challenge

Each pack member had 2 minutes to complete as many deadlifts as possible with their chosen weight. The display of raw power and determination was incredible.


Pack Teamwork: Tug of War Challenge

The classic game of tug of war brought out the competitive spirit in everyone. Packs pulled with all their might, showcasing the true power of teamwork.

Celebrating the Pack

The SQUATWOLF GAMES 8th Birthday Celebration was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of community, fitness, and the power of the pack. The event brought together fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of camaraderie and competition.