Did you miss out on the COREUNITY Festival in Hatta, Dubai? Let us inspire you with a recap of this one-of-a-kind wellness festival that took place in January 2023.

The COREUNITY Festival was made possible through a partnership between Core Direction, Dubai Holding, and Dubai Economy and Tourism. These three organizations came together to create a truly unique and inspiring event that highlighted the importance of wellness and community. Their combined efforts provided the resources and support necessary to bring the festival to life, allowing attendees to experience a wide variety of wellness activities and adventures in the beautiful Hatta mountains. Thanks to this partnership, the festival was a huge success and left a lasting impression on all who attended.

The festival combined camping, community, and wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and fitness classes. It was the first festival of its kind in the region, offering a new way for individuals to take care of themselves and connect with others.

The festival took place at Wadi Hub by Hatta Resorts, a picturesque mountain resort that provided the perfect backdrop for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation. Attendees camped on-site, which added to the festival's unique and immersive atmosphere.

COREUNITY featured a lineup of live music performances, bringing together local and international musicians to create a festive and celebratory atmosphere. Food trucks and vendors provided a range of healthy and delicious food options, ensuring that attendees could nourish their bodies as well as their souls.

The wellness festival received significant attention and positive feedback from the local media, with publications such as Time Out Dubai and FACT Magazine highlighting the festival's unique concept and exciting lineup. Attendees left the festival feeling energized, connected, and inspired to prioritize their well-being in their daily lives.

The festival's success has paved the way for future wellness events in the region, encouraging individuals to prioritize their health and wellness in a fun and engaging way. With its stunning location, community-focused activities, and lively atmosphere, the COREUNITY Festival has set a new standard for wellness events in the Middle East and beyond.


Camping was a key part of the COREUNITY Festival experience, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Hatta mountains. Festival goers had the option to purchase a pre-built tent with an inflatable mattress and light, providing a hassle-free and comfortable camping experience. With these amenities already set up, attendees could focus on enjoying the festival's activities without the added stress of setting up their own tent. Additionally, there were showers and toilets located nearby, ensuring that attendees could maintain their personal hygiene throughout the festival. The convenient and comfortable camping options added to the festival's immersive atmosphere, allowing attendees to fully embrace the unique and inspiring experience of the COREUNITY Festival.

Main Stage

The COREUNITY Festival's main stage was the center of the action, featuring an exciting lineup of performances and activities that kept attendees engaged and entertained throughout the event. One of the highlights was the Movement & Music session, which featured a live handpan player named Anas Halabi. This fusion of music and movement was a unique and invigorating experience that helped participants to connect with their bodies and the world around them in a new and powerful way. House of Africa Tribal Dance, featuring Charl Chaka and Dubai Drums, was another highlight of the main stage, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and vibrant rhythms of the African continent. Finally, the One Breath One World meditation, facilitated by Manish Pole, brought attendees together in a powerful and transformative experience that helped to cultivate a sense of inner peace and connection. The main stage at the COREUNITY Festival was a truly unforgettable experience that brought together music, movement, and mindfulness in a way that inspired and uplifted all who participated.

PoleStar Zone

The Polestar zone, curated by Manish Pole, a legendary Indian Yogi, was one of the most transformative areas of the festival, offering a range of activities that helped attendees to connect with their inner selves and tap into their own innate wisdom and power. Nail board walking, art therapy, sound journeys, and meditation were just a few of the popular activities that were available in this inspiring and uplifting zone. By encouraging attendees to let go of their fears and limiting beliefs and step into their own strength and potential, the Polestar zone helped to create a sense of empowerment and transformation that carried over into all areas of the festival and beyond. The unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern innovation made the Polestar zone a truly one-of-a-kind experience that was enjoyed by all who participated.

ArtBeat Zone

The ARTbeat zone was one of the most popular areas of the COREUNITY Festival, offering a wide range of artistic and creative activities that allowed attendees to express themselves and connect with others. Group drum circles, handpan classes, dance therapy, and acro yoga were just a few of the offerings available in this vibrant and inspiring zone. Whether attendees were looking to unwind and relax or get their blood pumping and energy flowing, there was something for everyone in the ARTbeat zone. By encouraging artistic expression and creative exploration, this area of the festival helped to foster a sense of community and connection among all who participated.

Live Music

Music played an integral role in the COREUNITY Festival experience, with a number of talented artists taking the stage at the Tunes DXB stage. Among them were Dan Moores, Rory McGettingan, Ibby VK, and Mohamad Hamami, who delivered memorable performances that left festival goers feeling energized and inspired. As part of the Dubai Shopping Festival, the artists provided acoustic singalongs by the campfire, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere that perfectly complemented the festival's overall theme of wellness and community. The combination of live music and natural surroundings created a truly magical experience that was enjoyed by all who attended.

In addition to the Tunes DXB stage, festival goers were treated to electrifying performances on the festival's main stage. Charl Chaka, DJ 5low, Tarek, and Cosmic Roots were just a few of the talented musicians who had attendees dancing long into the night. Their high-energy sets were the perfect way to unwind after a day of wellness activities and adventures, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere that brought everyone together. From hypnotic beats to catchy tunes, the music at the COREUNITY Festival was an essential part of the experience, adding an extra layer of excitement and energy that kept everyone moving and grooving.

Hatta Wadi Hub Activities

Festival goers at the COREUNITY Festival not only had access to the festival's own wellness activities and third-party vendors, but they also had the opportunity to explore the wider Hatta Wadi Hub at discounted rates. The Hub offers a range of adventures such as ziplining, mountain biking, kayaking, and more, giving attendees the chance to try something new and exciting. The discounted rates provided festival goers with a unique opportunity to take part in these activities at a reduced price, making it more accessible for everyone to enjoy. With the beautiful mountain backdrop and wide variety of activities available, it was the perfect complement to the festival's own wellness offerings. Overall, the combination of the festival and the discounted activities available at the Hatta Wadi Hub created a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for all who attended.

Other activities

In addition to the festival's own wellness activities, attendees had the opportunity to experience a range of services offered by third-party vendors. Longevity Ice Baths provided attendees with the opportunity to immerse themselves in ice baths, which is known to have a range of benefits for the body and mind. Biohackn offered infrared light therapy sessions, which can help reduce pain, inflammation, and stress. Attendees could also experience light therapy with the help of LightWave, which uses specific wavelengths of light to promote healing and well-being. These services added to the festival's comprehensive approach to wellness, giving attendees the opportunity to try new and innovative ways of taking care of themselves.

In conclusion, the COREUNITY Festival was a truly inspiring event that brought together individuals from all walks of life to focus on their well-being in a beautiful setting. It reminded us of the importance of taking care of ourselves and connecting with others, and left us feeling motivated to make our wellness a priority in our daily lives.

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