The Science of Gamification: How Apps Keep You Motivated and Engaged

Core Direction is a wellness application that harnesses the power of Gamification to keep its users motivated and actively engaged, but what exactly is gamification and why does it work?

Gamification has revolutionized the way we as humans learn, interact and stay engaged in mobile apps. The added element of a scoring system, leaderboard and competition with fellow peers seems to drastically increase engagement and the effectiveness of the application at keeping a user engaged. In this blog we will explore how Core Direction is utilizing these concepts to keep employees in the UAE engaged in a healthier, happier, fitter way of life!

Understanding the Psychology of Motivation:

Gamification is a powerful tool that capitalizes on the inherent physiological traits present in all of us. Our human brains can be influenced through simple yet effective feedback loops, leading us to perform desired actions. The fundamental principle behind this concept is straightforward: when a positive action is performed, a positive response is provided, creating a loop that repeats with each successful iteration.

Much like a snowball rolling down a hill, this feedback loop gains momentum and strength as it progresses. With each repetition, its impact increases rapidly, motivating users to engage further and achieve more. Just as the snowball accumulates more snow and grows in size as it rolls downhill, so too does our motivation and commitment grow as we experience success in our wellness journey through the gamification elements of the app.

There are multiple ways to begin creating a positive feedback loop within the human brain, here are some of the ways the Core Direction app motivates it’s users.

Core Direction

Sense of Achievement and Progress:

The app's daily points system sets achievable goals for users, creating a sense of accomplishment when they complete their activities and see Core Points added to their score. Achieving the maximum 10 points reinforces this feeling, spurring users to strive for daily goal completion. Additionally, the system's loss aversion aspect motivates impromptu workouts to avoid losing potential points forever.

Seeing tangible progress is vital for maintaining motivation and users' commitment to the app. As their Core Points Tally grows, they gain confidence in reaching wellness objectives, further reinforcing their engagement.

Motivating Streaks and Habit Formation

The daily points system encourages users to consistently engage with the platform to earn their daily points. Further to this the application features available streaks for daily water intake, sleep and breathing exercises.

Streaks create a strong motivational force because users do not want to break their progress chains. As users form habits around using the app daily, it becomes a natural part of their routine, making it more likely for them to continue using it in the long term. Habits are powerful as they reduce the cognitive effort required for decision-making, leading to sustained engagement with the app.

Sense of Competence and Mastery:

As users begin to settle into the scoring system of the application and begin building their Core Points score and climbing leaderboards, they experience a sense of competence and mastery over their wellness activities. Each time they earn more points, they validate their abilities and dedication to their well-being. This positive reinforcement contributes to greater self-efficacy, motivating users to take on more significant challenges and pushing their limits further.

Core Direction

Social Comparison and Social Motivation:

The introduction of leaderboards and active challenges adds a social dimension to the app. Users now have the opportunity to compare their performance with others, be it friends, colleagues, or fellow users. Social comparison can work as a powerful motivator, driving users to surpass others' achievements and establish themselves as top performers. Additionally, social motivation plays a role in accountability. Users may feel encouraged to stay consistent and active to avoid falling behind their peers, leading to sustained engagement with the app.

Behavior Reinforcement:

The variety of ways users can earn points, such as steps, active heart rate, on-demand content consumption, scheduled activities, and self-booked events, reinforces a wide range of positive wellness behaviors. By rewarding diverse activities, the app encourages users to explore different avenues of well-being, maintaining their interest and involvement over time. Furthermore, granting users the autonomy to choose activities that resonate with them boosts intrinsic motivation, as they feel a higher sense of ownership and control over their wellness journey.

Humans are inherently social creatures, and the gamification elements in your app take advantage of this fact. By introducing leaderboards and active challenges with friends and colleagues, your app creates a sense of community and healthy competition. This social aspect not only strengthens bonds but also motivates users to outdo their peers and secure top positions on the leaderboards, thus driving them to stay engaged and active.

The Pleasure of Achievement:

Completing challenges and earning points trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. As users earn points for their daily steps, active heart rate, on-demand content consumption, scheduled activities, and self-booked events, they experience a surge of satisfaction, making the wellness journey a joyful experience.

In conclusion, Core Direction’s gamification techniques tap into the core principles of human psychology, driving users to stay motivated, committed, and engaged in their wellness activities. By skillfully incorporating the concept of daily points, visible progress tracking, social aspects like leaderboards and challenges, and diverse ways to earn points, the app transforms the journey to a healthier lifestyle into an exciting and fulfilling adventure.

So, embrace the power of gamification, and let Core Direction empower your employees to take charge of their well-being while enjoying every step of the process. Remember, a motivated and engaged employee is a happier, healthier employee!