Corporate User Guide

General admin

Logging in

You can reach the Backend Login Panel by clicking here - Core Direction Backend. Please use the login credentials given to you by the Core Direction Team.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it through the ‘Forgotten Password’ link. A reset email will be sent to the email address your facility signed up with. Please check junk/spam folders if you do not receive this email. If for any reason you do not receive this email please contact the Core Direction Team.

Backend Functionality Overview

Dashboard home - Quickly manage all your activities here, view upcoming activities, check people in, edit classes and cancel classes.

Profile - Edit all your corporate profile information here.

Reports - This is where you will find Booking Attendance and Package Purchase reports. You can download these in a number of different file formats.

Users > User Assignment - Here you can give users access to use the Core Direction Check-In application to manage bookings at your facility.

Users > Instructor - Here you can input the names of the instructors that will be delivering your classes so they will show on the frontend.

Users > Users - This is where you will find your facility user profile.

Schedule > Activity - This is where you create your class, input the name & class description.

Schedule > Schedule - This is where you schedule your classes to appear on your business profile.

Schedule > Zones - You can create zones to direct your user to a specific part of your facility, for example HIIT Studio 1.

Packages - Create your packages here and link them to activities

Gallery - Upload gallery images for your frontend business profile.


Booking Attendance Report

The booking attendance report provides information about the users that have booked your classes. For a more detailed view you can download the attendance report as a .csv and other file types.

Package Purchase Report

The package purchase report gives you a full breakdown of all the package purchases from your facility. It will show you which users have purchased which package and the expiry dates of each package.

Updating your facility profile

To update your facility profile, log into the backend admin panel. Click on the user icon in the top right corner of the screen and select profile.

User Tab

Business Logo: Upload your business logo with the following specifications:
Sizing: 110 x 110px
File Type: JPG or PNG.
File size: Smaller than 10mb

Business banner: Upload your business banner with the following specifications:
Sizing: 1188 x 331px.
File Type: JPG or PNG.
File size: Smaller than 10mb

About: Here you can put a description of your business or facility.

Website: Enter your business’ website url here, include the full URL including https:// for best results.

Terms and Conditions: Here you can upload a Terms & Conditions document that will be emailed to users with booking confirmation. Please upload in PDF Format no larger than 500kb.

These PDFs can be used to give the user extra information for example, what to bring, how to find the venue and any further terms & conditions of their purchase.

Phone: Enter your business’ contact number used for customer enquiries. Enter the number with the +971 area code extension.

Change your Password: If you want to reset your password, you can do it here by simply putting in your new password and clicking "Update & Close"

Contact Tab

This tab is for internal use only. Please enter the contact details for your businesses main point of contact here.

Address Tab

Here you can enter the address for your facility.

The ‘Pin Address’ will be visible as text only to users. If your full address is long you can shorten it here for example: Core Global - DIFC

The ‘Location’ section will allow you to select the Google Map location of your business. This location will open in Apple/Google maps for navigation purposes.

Gallery Tab

Upload your gallery images here the recommended specifications are:
Sizing: 183 x 173px
File Type: JPG or PNG.
File size: Smaller than 5mb

You are able to upload a maximum of 18 images. The order of the images can be changed by adjusting the number in the sequence section. Click edit to change the number, the lower numbered images will appear first.

Adding Instructors and Check-In Staff

In this section we will learn how to add other staff members into our backend system.

Add an Instructor

In the frontend system, it is possible to add an instructor name to an activity tile, so the end user can see which instructor will run the class. To do this head to 'Users - Instructor' here you can simpy, add the instructors name and click 'update'. Once added you will be able to attach this instructor to a specific class.

Adding Check-In Staff

To allow a user to manage your facility in the Core Direction Check-In app you must first give the user rights in the backend. Head to 'Users - User Assignment' and enter the email address of the account registered to your check-In staff. The user must already have an active account for this to work. Once added they will be able to manage the facility.

Managing bookings

Dashboard overview

You can click the ‘Home’ Icon to get back to this view at any time. Here you can manage all of your bookings in one place.

  1. Book a class for a user
  2. Filter results to find a class
  3. Select an instructor for a class
  4. Edit a class time and capacity
  5. View booked users and check them in
  6. Cancel a class

Finding a class

To search for a specific class by date you can use the pre selected date ranges or bring up the calendar to select a custom date range. Classes can also be searched by activity name in the top right hand corner click ‘Choose Activity’, and type your activity name.

Checking in users

The recommended and easiest way to check users in is through our Check-In Application, available on the App store and Google Play store.

You can also check in guests through the backend system. Click on the user icon to bring up the attendance register, find the user you want to check in and click the grey tick button in the far right column to check the user into the class.

For larger registers you can search for a user by Name, Email and Phone number.

Cancelling a class

If you need to cancel one of your classes you can do so by clicking on the red X and confirming the cancellation. This cannot be undone and will send each user who is currently booked into the class and email notifying them. The user's package will automatically be credited back to their wallet.

Editing class time & capacity

To edit the the capacity or time of a class select the ‘Pencil Icon’

This will bring up a menu, change the desired details and click ‘Update’

Booking a class on behalf of a user

To book a class for a user select the blue ‘Book Class For User’ button.

You will then be prompted to input the user's email address and select the class you wish to book them onto.

Click save to confirm the booking. This is only supported by free classes on the desktop backend system. However on the check in app it is also possible to book a class on behalf of a user.

Creating & Selecting an Instructor

If you want to add an instructor to an activity click on users, then instructors and enter the name of the instructor and click save.

You will now be able to associate that instructor with a class by clicking the dropdown menu next to the class name on the dashboard.

Scheduling Classes

Creating an Activity

Creating an activity allows you to name your class and provide a brief description of it. You can then select this activity when scheduling a class.

To create an activity, in the left hand panel select ‘Schedule’, Activity then ‘Add new’. (Top right)

Then select your activity type, eg. yoga. Activity types are set by Dubai Fitness Challenge Admins, if there is not an activity type that suits your activity please contact your Fitness Outreach Advisor.

You can then enter the activity name and description and click ‘Create and return to list’.

Creating a Zone

Zones are used to direct users to the correct location within your facility. For example if you have multiple studios in your facility you can create them here.

To create a zone, in the left hand panel select ‘Schedule’, ‘Zones’ then ‘Add new’.

Then input the ‘Zone Title’ and ‘Description’ and Click ‘Create and return to list’.

Creating a class

To create a class first you must create an ‘Activity’ and activity ‘zone’.

To find out how to create an activity click here.

To find out how to create a zone click here.

Once these are created, in the left hand panel select ‘Schedule’, then ‘Schedule’ again, then ‘Add new’.

You will then be prompted to input the event details.

Facility: Select your facility from the drop-down box.

Zone: Select the zone your activity will take place in, eg. HIIT Studio 1.

Instructions file: Instructions files are PDFs that are attached to the users booking confirmation email. These can contain extra information about the activity such as what to bring and where to park. Instruction files are optional but recommended. Find out more about instruction files here.

Activity: Select the activity that you created for the class.

Enable Location: Enable location should only be used if your class takes place outside your designated facility. Otherwise, leave this box unchecked.

Start Date/End Date: Start Date/Time is where you input the start date of your class. If your class is a one off activity select the end date as the same date.

If your class is a recurring class you can set the end date in the future to when the last class will end.

Recurrence: For recurring classes, you can select which days of the week your class will be running. For example if your class runs every Monday for 4 weeks, you can select Monday in recurrence and set your end date to 4 weeks after the start date.

Duration: This is how long your class or activity will last for in minutes. If you are listing a day pass please calculate the number of hours your facility is open and multiply by 60. Example: If your facility is open 24 hours a day and you are will to allow people to enter your facility during all hours, this will be 1,440 minutes calculated as 60 X 24.

Offer online: If your class is an online class, please check this box.

Slots: This is how many users can attend your class.

Instructions File

Instructions files are PDFs that are attached to the users booking confirmation email. These can contain extra information about the activity such as what to bring and where to park. Instruction files are optional but recommended.

Please upload your Instruction file in PDF format with a file size no larger than 500kb.


Creating a Package

Packages are used to redeem classes on the platform, a package can be valid for 1 session or multiple sessions and it can be associated with multiple activities.

Name - This is the name of your package.

Package Type - Packages can either be session or membership packages, membership packages should give unlimited entry to your facility.

Facility - Choose your facility here.

Validity - This is for how many days the package will be valid after purchase.

Sessions - This is how many sessions a user can avail from your package, for example, if you wanted to bundle 10 yoga classes together, you would input 10 sessions.

Ending at - This is when the package will be removed from sale on the system.

Public Rate - This is how much your package will cost, less VAT.

Discount - This is the rate of discount that is applied to any corporate entity purchasing packages.

Corporate Rate - This is the total price a corporate will pay for the package.

Corporate Discount - This is the total value a corporate user will save in AED.

Individual rate commission - This is the amount a facility will make from the purchase of the package, less Core Direction Commision.

Corporate rate commission - This is the amount a facility will make from the purchase of the Corporate package, less Core Direction Commision.

Description - This is where you will input the package description. All package purchases are non refundable and are subject to a cancellation policy. Here is the recommended terms & conditions template below.

Package Terms & Conditions Template

Package Terms & Conditions

This package entitles you to book at session for the following activties:
Spin City
Sunrise Yoga
Zumba Party


You may cancel an activity up to 18 hours before the activity start time and the package credit will return to your wallet.

If a cancellation is made within 18 hours of the activity start time, the package credit will expire and will not be returned to your wallet.

Refund Policy

All packages are non refundable. Packages will expire if they remain unused, please check your package expiry date.