Check-In App User Guide

Getting Started

Creating an account

If you don’t already have a Core Direction Account, create one here, you may also use social logins like, Google, Apple & Facebook. Otherwise you can login with your existing account.

How to manage your facility

To start managing your facility ask your facility manager to give your email address staff privileges in the backend. How to do this?

Logging in

Login using your credentials or one of the social login options.

Find a Class

Select your Location

Once you log in, you will be promted to choose a facility to manage. If you can't see this your admin hasn't added you as a facility manager.

Class Search

You can search for a class by the date (if you'd like to manage a class on a future date) or Zone. You can also scroll down the class list which is in chronological order.

Switch Location

You can switch the location you are managing by clicking on the Burger Menu and selecting 'Switch Location'

Managing a Class

Search by Name/Email

You can search by a users name or email to find a specific user within an activity.

Edit Activity

Increase the available capacity of the class. This cannot be decreased once increased.

Emergency Contact

You can call a users' emergency contact number if there is reason too. Simply click on the users check-in status to bring it up.

QR Code Scanner

Check a user in

To check a user into a class using the QR code scanner, open the class you'd like to manage and click the purple QR reader icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Each user has a unique QR code linked to their account they can find it in the navigation menu once they're logged in.

Scanner Functionality

The QR code scanner will work differently depending on the status of each user.

  • - If the user is booked into the activity, the QR code scanner will automatically check that user in.

  • - If the class is free it will automatically book the class and check the user in.

  • - If the user hasn’t got a booking, but has a package you will be able to choose a package to use, and book them into the activity.

  • - If the user hasn’t got a booking or an available package a QR code will appear. Ask the user to scan this to book the class.

Manual Managment

Manual Check-In

If a user doesn't have acces to thier QR code, there is a manual check-in option.

Delete Booking

Deleting a booking will remove this user from the class listing, opening up a space for another user. This should only be done if the guest is a no show.

There are two options to consider when deleting a booking.

  • - Late Cancel: In line with our cancellation policy if a user doesn’t cancel their booking within 18 hours of the activity start time, their package will be marked as ‘used’.

  • - Refund Package: If the class is free it will automatically book the class and check the user in.

  • It is up to your discretion as facility to decide if the user has a valid reason for cancellation.

Book with Email

Book with Email

Book with email can be used to book a user into an activity if they don't already have a booking. There are a few scenarios in this case:

  • - If the activity is free the user will automatically be booked into the class & checked in.

  • - If the user doesn’t have an available package for the class, a QR code will appear with a link for the user to purchase a package.

  • - If the user has an available package, it will give you the option to use the package and book the user into the activity.