Why choose Core Direction

Core Direction was launched and is managed by a team of passionate, educated fitness professionals and entrepreneurs. We understand the needs of the market from the perspective of both the fitness business owner and their customers.

Each fitness facility we add to our coalition undergoes a stringent facility assessment in order to determine whether the facility meets our standard. This assessment runs through a multitude of categories including, customer service responsiveness, facility look and feel, service offering and general health & safety.

When you join a Core Direction partnered facility, you can expect a level of facility un matched by the huge corporate gym franchises which monopolise major cities around the world, cater to a mass market, yet offer no personal customer service.

We are not an international gym franchise! We are a coalition of personal, passion driven, customer centric fitness facilities, each with a unique look and feel, each with a personal touch!


Unlimited access to free weights area, strength machines, cardio equipment and a full group exercise schedule.


Unlimited access to free weights, strength machines & cardio equipment.               


Unlimited access to full schedules of group exercise including but not limited to circuits, aerobics, yoga, pilates, pole fitness & more.


Unlimited access to a full schedule of varied styles of yoga.                              


Unlimited access to a full Pilates schedule including but not limited to mat and apparatus based classes.


Unlimited access to a full schedule of varied styles of mixed martial arts.      


Unlimited access to a full schedule of CrossFit, strength & conditioning classes.   


Unlimited access to a full schedule of strength & conditioning classes.     

Extreme Sports

Unlimited access to sports climbing facilities and rock climbing clubs.     

Sports Club

Unlimited access to racket sports, running, swimming, cycling, triathlon clubs and more.  

Water Sports

Unlimited access to surf boards, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, surf skies and more.   

As an avid fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, Cliff has owned multiple local and international businesses revolving around health and wellness. From fitness facilities, health food concepts, sport & fitness education and now entering technology and digital services, Cliff’s vision of inspiring movement and creating a healthier planet is quickly becoming a reality.
Clifford Tindell Founder